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Ricoh Document Scanners - Election Processing Solutions

Efficient and Accurate Election Vote Counting with Ricoh's Collaborative High-Speed Scanning Solutions

During national elections, managing millions of paper-based votes poses a monumental challenge for electoral authorities. The sheer volume of paper ballots, which must be collected, sorted, and counted accurately, can be overwhelming.
Manual counting processes are not only time- consuming but also prone to human error, potentially impacting the legitimacy of election outcomes. Additionally, ensuring the security and transparency of the entire process becomes increasingly complex as the scale of the election grows.

Key Advantages of Ricoh Scanners
  • Sheetfed (Automatic Document Feeder) to support bulk scanning – including double-sided scanning without manual intervention
  • Feeder Capacity of at least 50 sheets
  • Scan to PDF format and Multi-Page PDF
  • Single Pass Double Sided Scanning (Duplex)
  • Scan to black and white at 300dpi
  • Highest Image Quality and Accuracy
Benefits of Ricoh Scanners

Swift and Accurate Vote Counting
Collaborating with a specialised third-party ISV, Ricoh's high-speed scanners can process up to several million votes in a few hours, significantly expediting the counting process and reducing the risk of human error.

Efficient Data Integration
Ricoh scanners seamlessly integrate captured data into electronic voting solutions across multiple locations. This ensures a smooth and unified process for collecting, sorting, and counting paper-based votes, enhancing transparency and accuracy in national elections.

Clear Image Capture


The FI-8000 Series (Fi-8150, Fi-8170, FI-8190, FI-8820, FI-8930 & Fi-8950) incorporates the unique Clear Image Capture, producing image quality that exceeds other available technologies. Teamed with our PaperStream IP software, the fi-8000 Series delivers industry-leading OCR accuracy rates for data capture that you can trust – whilst ensuring your scans are always optimised for faster, low-cost access and storage

Please click on a model below for further information 

Ricoh FI-8150 Document Scanner - A4, 50ppm / 100ipm, 100 Sheet ADF

Ricoh FI-8170 Document Scanner - A4, 70ppm / 140ipm, 100 Sheet ADF

Ricoh FI-8190 Document Scanner - A4, 90ppm / 180ipm, 100 Sheet ADF

Ricoh FI-7600 Document Scanner - A3, 100ppm / 200ipm, 300 Sheet ADF

Ricoh FI-7700 Document Scanner - A3, 100ppm / 200ipm, 300 Sheet ADF, Integrated Flatbed

Ricoh FI-8820 Document Scanner - A3, 120ppm / 240ipm, 500 Sheet ADF

Ricoh FI-8930 Document Scanner - A3, 130ppm / 260ipm, 750 Sheet ADF


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