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About Service & Support

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Response Technical Services provides repair, service, support and maintenance for all leading document scanner & microfilm manufacturers, including Canon, Epson, Fujitsu, Kodak, Bowe Bell & Howell, Minolta, Ricoh, Panasonic, Intec.  We are also the UK & European Warranty Repair Agent for E-image Data Scanpro Microfilm Scanners.

We employ our own trained field service team, providing nationwide coverage throughout the UK, ensuring we can get to any call quickly an efficiently. All our engineers are manufacturer trained and have access to all facilities such as technical information, parts, tools etc.

Standard Callout
  • Nationwide coverage
  • Manufacturer approved and trained engineers
  • Low cost one-off repairs & services
  • Fast and reliable support
  • Installation & key operator training available
  • Workshop Repairs Also Available.
Standard Service Contract
  • Telephone support helpline
  • Unlimited breakdown cover (including fair wear & tear)
  • Standard 8 working hour response to all call outs
  • All parts, (Excluding manufacturer deemed consumables)
  • All labour and travel.
  • Loan equipment when repairs exceed SLA 
  • Preventative maintenance (up to two visits per year)
  • Key operator training
  • Renewable on an annual basis
  • 4 Hour Response Also Available

Service delivery is carried out Monday - Friday 9.00am - 17.00pm  excluding public holidays.

For more information call us today on 0800 328 1088 or click here to request a service contract quotation


ScanPro Microfilm Scanners Service & Support

We are the European Service Agent for all ScanPro Microfilm Scanners, We can repair / service / upgrade your ScanPro Unit either on site or in our workshop.

Scan Pro Firewire Promotion

Document Scanners Service & Support

Response Technical Services / Imaging Superstore offers repair and maintenance services to the following document scanners;
If your specific document scanner is not listed, please call us free on 0800 328 1088 or email us we should be able to help.

Canon Scanners We Support 

Current & Legacy Models

P-208II P-215II DR-F120
DR-C225/W DR-C130 DR-C230
DR-M140 DR-M160II DR-M260
DR-S130 DR-S150 RS40
DR-M240 ScanFront 330 ScanFront 400
DR-6010C DR-6030C DR-G1100
DR-G1130 DR-X10C DR-G2090
DR-G2110 DR-G2140 CR-50
CR-120 series CR-150 CR-150N
CR-135i II series CR-190i II series DR-M1060
CD-4070NW DR-1210C DR-2010C
DR-2020U DR-2050C DR-2080C
DR-2510C DR-2580C DR-3010C
DR-3060 DR-3080C DR-4010C
DR-5010C DR-6050C DR-6080C
DR-7080C DR-7090C DR-7550
DR-7580C DR-9050C DR-9080C
DR-C125 P-150 ScanFront 300
Fujitsu Scanners We Support 

Current & Legacy Models

FI-81XX FI-82XX FI-8040
FI-5950C FI-6400 FI-65F
FI-6770 FI-6800 FI-7030
FI-7140 FI-7160 FI-7180
FI-7240 FI-7260 FI-7280
FI-7460 FI-7480 FI-7600
FI-7700 FI-7700S FI-7800
FI-7900 N7100 FI-800R
ScanSnap iX100 ScanSnap iX1500 ScanSnap S1100i
ScanSnap S1300i SP-1120 SP-1125
SP-1130 SP-1425 SV600
FI-4340C FI-4640S FI-4750L
FI-4860C FI-4990C FI-5015C
FI-5110C FI-5120C FI-5220C
FI-5530C FI-5650C FI-5750C
FI-5900C FI-60 FI-6000NS
FI-6010N FI-6110 FI-6130
FI-6140 FI-6230 FI-6240
FI-6670 FI-6750S ScanSnap Series

Kodak / Kodak Alaris Scanners We Support 

Current & Legacy Models

E1025 E1035 E1030 / E1040
Scanmate i940 Scanmate i1150 i1150WN
i1190 i1190WN i2420
i2620 i2820 i2900
i3200 i3250 i3300
i3400 i3450 i3500
i4250 i4650 i4850
i5250 i5650 i5850
PS50 PS80 S2040
S2050 S2060W S2070
S2080W / S2085W ScanStation 710 ScanStation 730EX
S3060 / S3060F S3100 / S3100F S3120 / S3140 (Max)
DS1500 DS2500 DS3500
DS3510 DS3520 DS3590C
DS4500 Scanmate i1120 i1180
i1210 Plus i1310 Plus i1220 Plus
i1320 Plus i1405 i1410
i1420 i1440 i150
i160 i1840 i1860
i2400 i2600 i2800
i30 i40 i55
i60 i610 i620
i640 i660 i730
i750 i780 i80
Ngenuity Series ScanStation 500 ScanStation 700
Panasonic Scanners We Support 

Current & Legacy Models

KV-S1015C KV-S1026C KV-S1037
KV-S1037X KV-S1027C KV-S1028Y
KV-S1046C KV-S1057C KV-S1058Y
KV-N1058X KV-SL3056 KV-SL3066
KV-S1065C KV-S2087 KV-S5046H
KV-S5055C KV-S5076H KV-S7077
KV-S7097 KV-S8127 KV-S8147
KV-S1025C KV-S1045C KV-S2026C
KV-S2028C KV-S2048C KV-S2055
KV-S2065 KV-S3065 KV-S3105C
KV-S4065CL KV-S4065CW KV-S4085CL
KV-S4085CW KV-S6040 KV-S6050
KV-S6055 KV-S7065C KV-S7075C


We also support Bell & Howell Spectrum, Copiscan, Ngenuity & Truper Series Scanners

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