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Kodak S3000 & S3000-Max Scanner Series



The KODAK S3000 and S3000-Max Series are ideal for any document-heavy process that needs to digitise business-critical data trapped on paper at the edge of your processes. With industry-leading image enhancement technology to optimise OCR accuracy while reducing file size, reliable paper handling to minimise document damage and time spent at the scanner, and free to use software that empowers users to distribute data to where it is needed from the push of a button, the S3000 Series helps improve the productivity of your staff, improve the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of your processes, and improve profitability. Add to this our enterprise-level security and integration features and you have a scanner that makes sense for all organisations today and tomorrow.

Key Advantages
  • Capture speeds up to 140 ppm
  • 300 or 500-sheet feeder & output tray
  • Quickly digitises bursts and batches of documents
  • Reliable & industry leading image quality
  • Support for multiple paper sizes and types
  • Built in Image processing for less load on PC
  • Scan Directly To Apps
  • Enhanced Security
  • Large touchscreen
  • Small footprint for A3 class scanner
S3000-Max Video Overview

With throughput up to 140 pages per minute (ppm) and a 70,000 page recommended daily volume, the KODAK S3000-Max Scanners offer unmatched speed for its class. Built-in image processing and networking capability help you transform your data capture workflows to a higher level of efficiency and productivity.

S3000 & S3000-Max Features
Onboard Image Processing

The S3000 and S3000-Max Scanners deliver the best possible image quality directly from within in the device, and without any impact on the rated speed of the scanner. Kodak's powerful embedded processor significantly reduces the load requirements on your PC. And, the intelligent barcode reading technology produces the most accurate data extraction results and makes document prep fast and easy.

  • Feed a wide array of sizes, and weights in any batch faster with capture speeds of up to 140 ppm (speeds depend on model)
  • Large 500-sheet feeder & output tray for S3000-Max, 300 Sheet Feeder for S3000 Scanners
  • Scan multiple batches at once, leaving the operator free to prep the next batch



Improved Document Handling & Output Stacking

Adjustable feeders and a straight-through paper path deliver fast, smooth, and safe document handling.

  • Reduce pre-sort efforts allowing for papers with various thicknesses and sizes to flow through
  • Ability to pause and resume scanning when required
  • Advanced Intelligent Document Protection (IDP) and multi-feed detectors catch and alert you to paper feeding problems to ensure all your documents are scanned without damage or skipped pages
  • Straight-through or U-turn paper path with adjustable feeder pressure for streamlined, safe document handling
Kodak S3000 Max Feeder & Stacking




Multi-User Connectivity & Security

In work environments where multiple people need to scan batches, sharing a device no longer means having to wait. With the network capability of all S3000  Series, the scanner is visible to any PC on the network.

  • Easily share the scanner with multiple users without having to move PCs or purchase extra IT equipment.
  • Secure your scans over the network with the latest HTTPS and TLS encryption standards.
  • Our secure boot solution ensures that only trusted firmware can load


Share Data at the Touch of a Button

Scanned documents often need to be distributed to individuals, teams, or systems for action, automation, or storage. With other systems, this is a multi-step process of scanning to a PC, finding the file, renaming the file, attaching it to an email, or opening and finding a location in a system.

The KODAK S3000 Max Series Scanners have an intuitive colour touchscreen and it’s easy to configure personalised buttons for multiple users. Our Smart Touch technology is included, so you can get your data where it needs to be with the simple push of a button, speeding up your scanning workflows and minimising the post-scan steps that are required with other solutions.



Please click on a model below for further information


Kodak S3060 Document Scanner - 60ppm, USB 3 / Ethernet
Kodak S3060F Document Scanner - 60ppm, Integrated A4 Flatbed, USB 3 / Ethernet
Kodak S3100 Document Scanner - 100ppm, USB 3 / Ethernet
Kodak S3100F Document Scanner - 100ppm, Integrated A4 Flatbed, USB 3 / Ethernet
Kodak S3120 Max Document Scanner - 120ppm, USB 3 / Ethernet
Kodak S3140 Max Document Scanner - 140ppm, USB 3 / Ethernet


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