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Working From Home With Fujitsu ScanSnap

In these current circumstances, you or your employees are embracing home working – a trend that, no doubt will influence the way you do business one way or another.

There can be no mistake that the enablement of remote and mobile working is, therefore, critical for any business looking to attract, cultivate and retain the best employees, clients and customers.

If you’re a business owner or employee of a business that has embraced mobile working, it can be difficult to imagine your peers still holding any reservations as to its efficacy.

But if you’re in the minority with no mobile working strategy, on paper, this apprehension can appear well-founded. For instance, some feel that if employees are free to work from home, their productivity will decline – to keep them in-house, surrounded by their colleagues in an environment designed for work will surely get the best out of them. Others worry that communication will break down without the ability to talk face-to-face. And, perhaps the most severe threat of mobile working, how can businesses be sure that information taken out of the work environment stays secure?

Making mobile working work: the right investments

For 86% of businesses, mobile working in some form or another is already a reality.

Smaller, consumer-friendly devices, more reliable wireless and mobile connectivity, and great advances in productivity software have all made a big difference to our ability to get things done outside the traditional office environment.

Whether you’re making your first steps into the implementation of your business’ flexible working strategy, or looking to improve the efficiency of your mobile workforce, some key considerations below outline the technology for your office and beyond.

We’ve identified three key criteria your workers’ mobile devices should be meeting. In no particular order, the first is the enablement (and, ideally, the enrichment) of collaboration and communication. For many employees, their work can’t exist in a vacuum, and if they can’t talk through their projects face to face, the next best thing should be the quick and accurate reproduction of documents, sent straight to colleagues, clients and customers as required.

Second is efficiency gains. This extends from productivity of your mobile workforce, through to financial transparency and reliability, and economic operation. The objective of flexible working is to free employees to manage their own productivity. If they have to spend all their time managing their technology, performing maintenance and manually saving and sharing documents, there’s not going to be much time left for real work.

Finally, accurate and consistent record-keeping is essential. Working across locations, employees can’t rely solely on physical copies of documents – there is a need for a digital library to be accessible and maintainable anywhere, and by anybody. There can be no disconnect between the information available to office-based workers and mobile employees.

Making mobile and remote working work

Whether your employees are using tablets or 2-in-1s for mobile working, compact printers and scanners for document management, or portable projectors to showcase their work, these three factors should be considered at all times - Collaboration, efficiency and security

Business scanners help bridge the gap between the office, colleagues and customers by allowing the instant digitisation and subsequent distribution of documents into a business process, workflow or collaboration tool. Imagine being able to take that power anywhere.

Document Management

Fujitsu’s ScanSnap iX100 and ScanSnap S1100i are mobile scanners built for your mobile working strategy – and featuring a host of functions that enable collaboration, efficiency and security on the move. A Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1500 also makes a valuable, robust addition to your mobile lineup, capable of higher throughput anywhere.

For the mobile worker, it all starts with ABBYY FineReader for ScanSnap – this innovative feature allows for the automatic text and image conversion of scanned documents to an editable Word, Excel or PowerPoint document reducing the need for manual transfer of physical documents, and adding value to the traditional scan process.

This is supported by CardMinder and ScanSnap Receipt technologies – two additional functions that make it easier to scan business cards and receipts respectively, exporting and filing information in a secure centralised database.

And back at the office, ScanSnap Organiser keeps everything running smoothly in line with your established digital processes. View, manage and edit PDF and JPEG scans, and create a searchable database for access by your employees – tethered and remote.

These scanners and their features form the foundation of a document management solution that extends beyond the traditional workspace, and keeps your mobile employees connected and your document management streamlined at all times.

And with the introduction of ScanSnap Cloud, your ScanSnap scanner takes your documents straight to your cloud service of choice – without the need for any other mobile device.

All this adds up to a mobile working solution that is collaborative, efficient, and secure – exactly what your business should be looking for.

Now, discover Fujitsu scanners for yourself. Get in touch with RTS Imaging-Superstore Advisors for the expertise and support you need to start scanning in your business.

At RTS Imaging-Superstore, we’ve got the latest products and trusted partner relationships to make mobile working work for your business. Whether you’re looking to step up your flexible working strategy, or empower employees to work away from the office for the first time, we can help.

ScanSnap Promotion

Until 30th April 2020, When you purchase a Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1500, you can claim a free ScanSnap iX100. Terms & Condition Apply.




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