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Searching For Excellent Deals On A4 Document Scanners?

Searching For Excellent Deals On A4 Document Scanners?

No matter if you need to scan heavy volumes of business documents, or are looking to invest in a document to scan old photographs at home, Response Technical Services has excellent deals on the latest technology, with the option for a 36-month warranty.

Whether you need to invest in an A4 or A3 scanner, you’ll find great deals on leading brands of document scanners at Response Technical Services.

Our products include those suitable for businesses and home-use, with our A4 scanners including those from Fujitsu, Brother, Canon, Kodak Alaris, and Panasonic.

Before deciding which document scanner to buy you need to consider the type of media you’ll be scanning on a regular basis. The latest scanners come with many different features designed to make your life easier but it’s crucial to choose the right device.

Along with photos and documents, common items which people need to be scanned include bound books, business cards, film slides and negative), artwork and magazines, and originals which can be easily damaged like stamps. Some people also look to scan 3D objects, such as coins or flowers.

It’s also important to consider the maximum size of the originals and whether you'll need to scan both sides of your documents.

Flatbed scanners are ideal for easily damaged originals, bound material, and 3D objects.

Although items like photos and stamps can go through a sheet feeder, you can risk damaging them. However, if you only need to scan this type of material occasionally you may be able to get by with a sheet-fed scanner that comes with a plastic carrier to protect your originals.

Among our range of A4 scanners is the Fujitsu fi-7030, which easily digitises paper documents along with classifying and verifying content.

For more instant document capture, these routines can even be triggered from the scanner’s front panel, capturing documents and placing them in pre-defined locations without any interruption.

With its silent operation, compact design and small footprint, this Fujitsu document scanner is ideal for all office environments and fits even on small desks or counters. The scanner provides excellent paper handling, using independent driving rollers for better alignment of documents during scanning.

A class-leading document scanner with proven feeding capabilities.

This range also includes the Fujitsu Fi-7160 A4 scanner which is easy to set up, use and maintain and comes bundled with a user-friendly and intuitive scanner driver PaperStream IP. It also has batch scanning automation and enhancement software PaperStream Capture.

Its A4 portrait scanning speeds in both colour or black and white can reach up to 300 dpi is 60 pages per minute or 120 images per minute through the 80-page capacity ADF.

This scanner can ensure the scanning of mixed batches at the desktop is a breeze and helps minimise the pre-processing time required. It also now comes with a unique paper protection function that is based on acoustic sensors; iSOP (Intelligent Sonic Paper Protection), which reduces the risk of having documents damaged. It does this by sensing the audible noise of paper movements and ceasing the feeding of sheets when an irregular noise occurs.

Whether you’re looking for A3 or A4 scanners, why not explore our extensive collection today? Or simply get in touch with our friendly team for more information.

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