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Public Sector Scanning Solutions From Canon

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Delivering high standards of public services, during times of unprecedented budgetary cuts is not an easy task. With special pricing discounts and wide availability, discover how Canon document scanners enable you to provide exceptional services to your citizens. Canon scanners are an easy solution for digitisation of your daily documents, allowing you to provide services faster and with better outcomes.



Canon Scanfront 400
imageFORMULA ScanFront 400

An ideal document scanner that can be managed remotely, making it the perfect choice for introducing self-service scanning by citizens. The scanner comes with an easy to use, fully customisable large touchscreen making sure that documents are automatically processed into the correct workflow. As a result, your customer service department don’t need to waste time on tracing misplaced documents and can focus on efficient delivery of public services.

ScanFront 400 Information

Canon DR-S150
imageFORMULA DR-S150

Support your organisation's digital transformation journey. From reception to radiology, from HR to A&E, the perfect compact scanner where large scale deployments are needed. Thanks to its network connectivity it also offers secure login options and easy fleet management.

DR-S150 Information

Canon DR-G2110
imageFORMULA DR-G2110

With the DR-G2 Series of document scanners, you get the option of creating a truly digital mailroom. Incoming mail can be scanned and distributed to employees in no time, regardless of working location. Additionally, you can become centralised scanning centre for other local institutions and organisations, oering them “Scan-as-a-Service” solution creating additional revenue for your authority.

DR-G2110 Information

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