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Need To Invest In A Desktop Scanner?

If you’re looking to bring your documents into the digital era, Response Technical Services is keen to help.

With so many companies looking to become more environmentally-friendly, there’s never been a better time to invest in a document scanner, which can reduce the amount of paper in your office along with free up more space and make your business more productive.

Specialising in document scanners, Response Technical Services are true experts in this type of technology and can help find the right device for your home or business.

We have all styles of document scanners including desktop scanners which are suitable for more volume-heavy scanning and will work just as hard as you do.

A desktop scanner is generally larger than a portable device and remains on your desk where it can be used to carry out the most intensive scanning tasks. Generally, they are more expensive than smaller document scanners and obviously they take up more space, although there are more compact machines available.

Efficient document capturing and processing.

Our desktop scanners include the Canon DR-6030C which is ideal for high-speed A3 scanning. It has advanced image processing features and an ultra-reliable paper transport system to make your life easier. This scanner can handle up to 10,000 scans a day and has a high precision roller system allows for jam-free feeding of a wide range of documents.

With its excellent performance and exciting features, this scanner is an excellent investment for your business and easy to use for operators, with document feed and exit design for its space-saving and convenient operation.

Among our range of scanners is the Kodak i2900 which is highly robust and reduce the amount of downtime.

This scanner is ideal for anybody who wants a device that can take on the most intense tasks but doesn’t take up a great deal of space. With its selectable straight paper path, it allows scanning of very thick documents and multi-sheet up to 546 g/m2).

Whether you hire or buy a scanner, we promise the best customer support along with the finest quality technology.

Response Technical Scanners makes it easy to find the best document scanners for your scanning needs, space available and productivity demands. You can either buy or hire a device with us according to your unique requirements.

We enable you to hire document and microfilm scanners from as little as £40 per week, making this a highly affordable option for many companies that need this type of device for a short-term project. Rental rates include customer support throughout your contract. All our scanners come with capture software and cables to enable fast and easy set-up allowing the users to generate a number of file formats including PDF and TIFF.

If you need to invest in a desktop scanner, why not explore our range today? Or get in touch with our team for more information on any of our products. We’re always keen to help with any enquiries you might have.

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