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Looking For Trusted Suppliers Of Kodak Scanners?

Whether you’re looking to invest in a Kodak Alaris scanner or need a professional repairs service, Response Technical Services offer a one-stop shop for everything related to document scanners.

We are authorised resellers for many leading brands, including Kodak Alaris, for whom we are a 2019 Elite Partner. Our team are always happy to provide professional insights into the scanners we have in this range.

Investing in a document scanner is a great way to make your business more efficient and reduce costs, while digitising your paper documents at the same time. As you’ll read below, there are many good reasons to digitise your documents in the modern age.

Why invest in a document scanner for your business?

There are many benefits to using this type of technology including the fact document scanners enhance information preservation, reduce the amount of paper clutter, and improve your customer service by enabling you to get important documents to clients much faster.

While paper documents are vulnerable to natural disasters, like fires, document scanning will ensure you don’t have to worry about disaster recovery; the same goes for images, which can also be scanned using this type of technology, along with valuable books and magazines.

One survey found it takes on average 37 minutes to find the correct paper file, but document scanning enables you to be much more organised.

By using a document scanner you can also recycle more paper and contribute towards a planner: with the average office worker using 10,000 sheets of paper a year, this clearly makes a difference. It will also reduce the amount of photocopying you need to do.

Since documents won’t need to be transported, you can cut down on your carbon footprint, all of which contributes towards a cleaner environment.

Since you’ll need to keep less paper, you will also be able to free up more office space, empowering your productivity and making your commercial environment less cluttered. If you’re renting an office, this could mean you can find a smaller space than you would otherwise, since storage isn’t an issue.

All in all, you can manage your documents far easier and in a way that is much more organised and convenient. No longer will you have to go searching for hours through an archive.

Kodak Alaris scanners are of the highest quality, easy to use and extremely reliable; they’re ideal for bringing your documents into the digital era.

Using a document scanner like those from Kodak will also make your documents and images much more secure.

Modern document scanners have many great features to save you time and hassle, so the whole process is much more enjoyable.

Why not check out our Kodak Alaris scanner models comparison chart

This is a great way to find the best device for your business. We offer excellent warranties for all our scanners along with a maintenance and repairs service. You can also enjoy a £40 Love2Shop voucher with many of our Kodak scanners.

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