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Kodak S3000 Document Scanners

How Can The S3000 Series Document Scanners Help Your Business


Paper heavy departments, such as HR, Finance and Mailroom are required to digitise and distribute large volumes of business-critical data often using dedicated document scanners. Image quality and accuracy are essential for downstream processes, particularly automated platforms, and RPA. But large files cost more to store, are slower to distribute, and require more bandwidth on the network.

Solution: Kodak S3000 Series Scanners, a perfect balance of efficient file sizes with the highest level of image quality and OCR

Buyers Lab International, an independent technology testing agency found that Kodak S3000 Scanners are:

  • On average 20% more accurate on OCR
  • File sizes were 50% smaller than other competitive scanners
  • Files uploaded to the network 71% faster




Miss feeds, jams and having to rescan can take time and therefore cost money.

Solution: Scanners from Kodak Alaris have Intelligent Paper Protection built in to protect documents and minimise misfeeds and jams. So much so that Buyers Lab International, an independent technology testing agency found that the Kodak S3000 Series Scanner showed a 95% reduction in paper jam handling.




Data needs to be stored and distributed to the rest of the organisation as quickly and efficiently as possible but what is the easiest way to distribute data from a document scanner?

Solution: Scanners from Kodak Alaris come with the free to use software “Smart Touch”.  Simply decide how you want your data scanned, where you want it to go and if part of a workflow, save the button for another time – all in just a few clicks.

S3000 Scanners from Kodak Alaris - built for today, ready for tomorrow. 


For more Information or to purchase a S3000 Series Scanner, please call 0800 328 1088, email: or goto our shop

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