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Great Deals Of Top Branded Document Scanners

The modern office shouldn’t be using up excessive space for paper documents. Not only does this use up space that can be utilized in other ways, relying on paper is bad for the environment. Paper documents are also perishable and more liable to be stolen or doctored. 

A document scanner enables you to digitise documents so they’re safely stored online. Moving them onto an online location offers much more security and protection, giving you extra peace of mind. It also means you can send customers digital versions much quicker, saving them time and yourself money on postage. 

Response Technical Services are reliable distributors of leading brands of document scanners, including Kodak Alaris, for whom we are a 2019 Elite Partner.

Kodak Alaris offers some of the best document scanners on the market, making them ideal for bringing paperwork into the digital era. Here are just five of the document scanners have available to buy or rent:

  1. The Kodak i3250 is highly efficient and is ideal for rapid-firing scanning. It can handle a wide range of documents including book pages, passports, folders and fragile documents. You can scan in colour or black and white on times, text and mixed-sized documents. This scanner also enables you to easily prevent damage, safeguard data and spend less time on rescanning.
  2. With the Kodak Alaris S2040, you’ll have a device that means you capture data anywhere. This document scanner comes with a three-year warranty and has many smart features to boost your productivity. Its Intelligent Document Protection prevents jams and saves docs from damage and its Intelligent Barcode Reading offers faster, accurate data extraction. Furthermore, its Intelligent Exception Processing means you can instantly validate forms.
  3. The Kodak PS80 is particularly ideal for scanning photographs and printed memorabilia, so you can turn them into digital images quickly and easily. This means you can use them for personalised gifts like books, calendars, mugs, t-shirts and tote bags. You can also share them on mobile phones, computers and tablets. It enables you to scan up to 85 pictures a minute.
  4. Choose the Kodak i2900 and you’ll have a rugged, compact machine ready for action. Ideal for those heavy-duty jobs, it won’t take up much space. It allows you to easily process longer and thicker documents. You can reliably get throughput at 200 or 300 dpi – for colour or black and white, images, text, and mixed-size documents. This scanner can come with our extended warranty for extra peace of mind.
  5. If you need serious scanning power, the Kodak i5850 could be the ideal choice. It scans exceptionally clear image quality for the most accurate data capture possible. The machine can scan unlimited daily volumes for documents and delivers sharp results for quality assurance checks. You can save significantly by not constantly reprinting separator sheets and streamline your workflow by imaging checks and correspondence in a single step.

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