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Fujitsu Image Scanners Organisational Intelligence Research Report

Fujitsu Image Scanners


Fujitsu Image Scanners Organisational Intelligence Research Report

Organisational Intelligence is the capacity of an organisation to derive maximum value from its information. It involves the ability to create flexible knowledge pathways that add value at every stage to every employee. An intelligent organisation uses insight to strategically adapt to its environment or marketplace.

This report was commissioned by PFU (EMEA) Limited. Based on independent research by B2B International, it examines how digital transformation is enabling Organisational Intelligence. By drawing on new research with 1200+ IT and business decision makers from across Europe, it highlights the ambitions behind digital transformation journeys. To enable you to look critically at your own organisation, it also focuses on the triggers that underpin activity, highlights risks to mitigate against, and showcases how organisations are achieving success using information capture.

Our latest research illustrates 35% of organisations do not yet have a clear plan towards digital transformation. Using the information in this report can help you plan and succeed.

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Digital Transformation - Strategic and Operational Drivers

Digital Transformation - Where Are You On The Journey

Digital Transformation - Do You Recognise These Challenges?

Organisational Intelligence - Whats Holding You Back?

Organisational Intelligence - The Key Enablers

Digital Transformation - Information Capture: A Logical Start Point

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