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So many business processes begin at the mailroom. The faster you can capture information from mailed documents, the sooner you can start impressing your customers and realising revenues. But the mailroom can slow your business down:

Here's how Alaris IN2 Ecosystem information capture solutions take the complexity out of mailroom automation.

  • Distributing all that paper mail is labour-intensive and costly
  • Lack of timely information can delay business processes
  • Advanced capture quickly makes accurate information available
  • Digitising documents lowers paper handling costs

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Sorting documents, dealing with slow or jammed scanners, quality checking, and rework all delay your business processes. And then there are the costs of handling all that paper. Solutions that are part of the Alaris IN2 Ecosystem streamlines the work, lowers costs, and gets accurate information into your business processes faster.

Intelligent scanning reduces the time and labour of prepping mail for information capture:

  • Intelligent Job Select lets you configure job settings using patch sheets, saving time on job setup

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Fast, reliable capture solutions let you process more records faster, with fewer people:

  • Fast, reliable scanners handle a wide range of documents and paper sizes, all at high quality and resolution
  • Intelligent Document Protection with Metal Detection stop jams before they happen and prevents damage to original documents
  • Capture solutions work in tandem with fast scanners to accurately extract metadata and securely send for further processing

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QA team finds fewer errors and spends less time on rework: 

  • Perfect Page enhances images for accurate information capture
  • Intelligent Quality Control detects poor quality images and dynamically adjusts thresholds to produce better images, reducing rework

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Business processes run faster, delighting customers and improving staff productivity

  • Accurate information capture minimises delays and errors
  • Digital signature guarantees that a document isn't altered after approval

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IT benefits from smart scanning features that reduce network load and storage needs without losing information or image quality

  • Intelligent scanning creates the best quality image for accurate data capture while creating the smallest possible file size
  • Solutions in the Alaris IN2 Ecosystem asynchronously loads captured images to servers when network is available, keeping processes moving and helping balance network loads

mailroom graphic 6

Post-scan sorting lowers paper-handling costs, and digitising old records lowers storage costs

  • Production scanners with sorting capabilities can sort patch sheets, checks, multi feeds, and bar-coded pages as they are scanned, saving post-scan labour and time


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